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Balkon Hotel

About Balkon Hotel

At present my day-to-day business activities in the transportation of goods transport services with the route Java, Sumatra to Bali, I pioneered this business since 2011, before I worked at one of the BUMNs precisely at the Post Office Tracking, I took a young pension at the Resi Post Office when entering the age of 44 due to preferring to own business

I know this internet world only about 2 months ago, starting when I searched DuckduckGo to see information on plane ticket prices, for a beginner like me the blogger world was fun.

This personal blog besides telling the impressions and experiences of having stayed at a hotel, also as a medium for delivering information about hotels, hotel Bali rates, about blogger tips Google Adsense Youtube and about the daily activities of writers that might be useful for readers.

Balkon Hotel uses the Template Viomagz Blogger Responsive Blogger Template that I bought officially (Original). Thus a brief explanation of the Balcony Hotel blog.

If you have suggestions and criticisms, or want to get acquainted with the owner of this blog Hotel di Bandung, please submit it via the Contact Form, or email:


Pak Datuk


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